Wrongful Death Claims

If a person dies because someone was negligent or careless, the charge may be wrongful death. Reckless driving resulting in an accident that kills someone is an example; so is nursing home abuse or medical malpractice that causes death. The heirs of the deceased, such as the surviving husband or wife, children, or parents, sue for financial losses in a Wrongful Death Claims lawsuit.

Charges in a wrongful death lawsuit in the Toronto area include:
* Finances or income were lost that would have come from the deceased.
* Surviving family members lost companionship and guidance from the deceased.
* Surviving family members lost such service chores as homemaking from the deceased.
* Funeral and burial expenses

Compensation in these wrongful death cases is sought to cover both financial and non-financial losses. Financial losses cover medical bills and a projected wage loss over a normal life period. Non-financial losses may cover any physical pain suffered by the deceased before death.

Wrongful deaths may be charged and filed whether the act that caused a person’s death was not intentional, such as an automobile accident that caused a death. A wrongful death that occurs because someone broke the law by not putting a fence around a swimming pool may be judged intentional.

Wrongful death lawsuits are generally difficult to pursue because of the pain and suffering sustained by the surviving family members. They also may cover many areas besides car accidents. A wrongful death may occur in an operating room, for instance, where the charge might be medical malpractice because of a physician’s lack of skills or lack of presence during the procedure or because an attending nurse administered the wrong medications. A wrongful death lawsuit can result from a doctor’s wrongful diagnosis that resulted in a heart attack or other medical problem.

If you and/or members of your family have suffered the loss of someone in a wrongful death, you are advised to contact a wrongful death lawyer to discuss the possibilities of compensation. The initial consultation is generally without charge and gives you the opportunity to understand what resources are open to you and family members. If you have such a claim, it is important to keep a record of any details involved in the wrongful incident and death. Before talking to a wrongful death lawyer, you should not agree to talk with an insurance company or any other involved parties that might contact you.

There nay be expiration dates and other regulations for filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Consult a lawyer in the Toronto area for details.