Criminal lawyer with book

Know The Right Time To Seek A Criminal Lawyer?

A criminal lawyer it is necessary for you to have at the earliest possible moment in a criminal investigation. When an incident occurs that could give rise to criminal charges, you have no way of knowing what information law enforcement has at the time the interview. You can be certain of the fact that nothing that you say can cause the case to be dropped if it would otherwise be charged. What you can do is take a case in which the evidence is shaky, and turn it into a prosecutor case by something you say. Many people have found themselves subject to criminal sanctions after talking to the police, when their silence would have allowed them to escape the sanctions.

There are multiple benefits to having a criminal lawyer assist you in your case. First, your lawyer can keep you from making the case worse. Second, your lawyer should be experienced in handling cases like yours. If he or she is experienced, a criminal lawyer will know whether the case is strong or weak; whether the prosecutor and judge are agreeable to a compromise; and be able to mitigate the penalties imposed upon you.

The experience of your lawyer is extremely important. There are many different areas of criminal law. A perfectly competent lawyer who handles mortgage frauds may not have much experience with drunk driving cases. Lawyers are very happy to talk to you about the types of cases they have handled. It is possible that your case may be a relatively new area of criminal prosecution, such as mortgage fraud. Under such circumstances there would not be a wide variety of lawyers who have handled that type of case. You should then determine if your potential lawyer has worked in the court in which you will appear and has handled cases as large and complex as yours.

You and your lawyer at the outset of the relationship must contemplate the idea of going all the way to trial. Most cases settle before trial. You should not assume that your lawyer is reluctant to go to trial when the discussion of plea bargaining comes up. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to discuss with you any offers of settlement. Your lawyer will additionally explore the prosecutors mind for settlement purposes. Every case has its own strengths and weaknesses. Your lawyer will want you to be very familiar with both. Ultimately any decision you make on accepting a plea bargain or proceeding to trial will be yours alone. It is very wise for you to listen to your criminal lawyer in analyzing your case. For this reason it is an excellent idea for you and your lawyer to have a feeling of mutual confidence and ability to frankly discuss your case.

As your case moves closer to trial, the anxiety level will increase. Indeed, some people plead guilty just prior to trial because of fright. Your lawyer been there many times and can keep you from making a bad decision.