Car Accident Lawyers

Every year there are thousands of car accidents throughout Canada. Many people die in them and many more are injured.  The most common car crash injuries are:

* whiplash. This is probably the most common injury in a crash. When a car is hit by something or crashes into something, the riders may be shaken violently. The result is usually back or neck pain that may ease without medical attention or may become chronic.
* fractures. Broken hips and legs are commonly caused in car accidents.
* back injuries. A violent stop can put great pressure on the back, often injuring a disc. These injuries may appear to be serious at first and may result in chronic back pain.
* head and neck injuries. These problems often result when the driver’s head is pushed into the steering wheel in a crash. This may cause vision problems and in severe cases can cause paralysis or blurred vision.

Many car accidents involve alcohol. In Canada as in the United States, if you are stopped on a suspicion of drunk driving, you may be given a BAC (blood alcohol content) text. If your BAC is above .08, usually expressed as 80mg%, the law says that you are drunk and you will likely be charged with impaired driving. According to Canadian law, you can be charged with impaired driving not only on highways and public roads, but on your own private property as well. In addition, in all provinces except Quebec, a police officer can take away your license for up to 24 hours if your BAC level is 50mg% or higher; 40mg% in Saskatchewan.

Drunk driving penalties in Canada include:

Offence Suspended license Fine Jail time

BAC first offence 12-36 months $600-$2,000 0-6 months
BAC second offence 24-60 months no maximum 2 weeks-6 months
BAC third offence 36 months – life no maximum 90 days-6 months
Impaired driving
with bodily harm up to 10 years no maximum up to 10 years
Impaired driving
causing death up to 10 years no maximum maximum life

If you are involved in a car accident in Canada, you should call for medical help if you, your passengers, or people in other cars have any medical problems, even if they seem minor. Then, call Canadian car accident lawyers as soon as possible. They know the rules to be followed in your area. Don’t wait to call for a consultation.