5 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Employment Lawyer

man signing contract

Employment law can be a complicated subject, as the laws can often change without the employee’s knowledge. This can result in a multitude of different scenarios, many of which can only effectively be handled by a professional employment lawyer in Toronto.

We have compiled five reasons why an employment attorney could be beneficial to someone in a complicated situation:

  1. Employment lawyers have up to date legal expertise regarding employment law. These professionals deal in fact, not fiction, such as reasonable reasons and notice of termination. In some cases, when legislative suggestions are ignored, severance packages can be offered. The most disputed reasoning is based on exactly “how much” notice and employer is required to provide the employee.
  2. Professional attorneys know exactly how to gather information, thus determining all current entitlements under employee law. A fair decision or offer pleases both the recruit, and the employer, as they begin a new journey, a part or separate, depending on the situation. The counsel can help determine what is fair and just, or if the employee falls within the active guidelines for legal action or recourse.
  3. An employment attorney knows employee law nuances. One such example would be absolution is not an employer option if legislation requires a severance package. However, potential severance packages can be pre-determined on a contractual level, allowing for limitations. At the same time, as an employee, we are entitled to dispute, or renegotiate what we might deem an unfair clause. Never sign, nor agree to anything spot on, if it appears questionable. Offer to return with the completed paperwork within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. Employment legal counsel will provide perspective clients with a realistic expectation based on their individual case. More often than not, employees question the legalities behind a termination.  Counsel can persist that the employer proves misconduct beyond reproach, or offer severance.  Wrongful dismissal opens the door to wrongful dismissal pay, but if proven in the right, no severance will be awarded.
  5. A skilled lawyer can effectively, cost efficiently, and fairly negotiate a severance package when due. However, in the past, age has been deemed a legitimate concern during these discussions. Older candidates are often passed over for younger applicants, as long as the skills are comparable. When a current employee is terminated to add a younger person, questions can be raised.

Any employee that has concerns of getting a fair shake after losing a position, or experiencing changes on the job, should consider consulting with an employment lawyer in Toronto. In many cases, we might find ourselves quite pleased with the outcome.